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Seasonal Work in Germany

NotchDelta Saisonarbeit (Seasonal Work) aims to serve the Agricultural Seasonal Jobs market in Germany. It is a sister project of the NotchDelta Job & Recruiting Portals Life Science and IT.

We harbour years of experience in the Executive Search department as well as recruitment in Life Sciences (Pharma, Biotechnology, Chemistry and Food) and, recently, IT. With the motto of elevating the nationwide ‘Saisonjobs in Deutschland’ (Seasonal Jobs in Germany) initiative, NotchDelta Saisonarbeit marks the introduction of a new and somehow special division in our careers portfolio.

We are here to bridge the gap between German farmers and seasonal workers. Our long-term aim is to bring to recognition the importance of the whole farming sector in general and the consequent inflow of foreign workers.

The Saisonarbeit platform wants to connect the workers—who mainly come from eastern Europe, like from Bulgaria, Poland and Romania, but also from other foreign countries—with German farmers who are continually in need of this vitally important workforce. In doing so we also endeavour to upraise the condition of the workers by striving to establish a system wherein we eliminate the need of long-standing exploitative practices.

Farmers, fruit and vegetable growers can register with us and publish job offers for a small annual basic fee. Seasonal workers can apply for the advertisements with their contact details or on their own initiative and in a targeted manner. The messages are sent to the farmers; They will contact the harvesters directly. When hired, there is a further low fee for the railings, which we reinvest to make the service even better! It’s that simple!

The best part: this service is completely free of cost for workers, i.e. no registration fees, no commissions – nothing.

We are making every effort to keep NotchDelta Saisonarbeit an open and fair platform. Now let’s focus a little bit on the future…

Data cloud and instant messaging with automatic translation

Finding yourself, applying, getting in touch, discussing details regarding tasks and experiences and regulating contractual things – across national and language boundaries – should be as easy as possible. With innovative technologies such as a data cloud and a live chat that automatically translates – that’s the goal we want to achieve.

This is a challenging task and our developers are working it – with determination. When it’s done, farmers and harvesters can access the tool from their respective dashboards. We invite you to explore NotchDelta seasonal work.

We look forward to your feedback and appreciate your opinion in order to constantly improve our service.

Agricultural, wine, vegetable and fruit farms and seasonal workers can register here, or connect with us via the social networks Facebook and Instagram!

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